gilmar diaz professional

About me

My name is Gilmar Diaz and I have a passion for IT. I enjoy building websites and creating innovative content on social media, taking the pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas.

Since my graduation in 2016 as an IT Engineer, I have been accumulating experiences in the field, allowing me to get a Master in Digital Marketing and Web Analytics, an Expert Certificate in Email Marketing, and the certificate of Advanced Google Analytics.

I am adept at researching any topic given and I work to produce original yet engaging content for my clients. Furthermore, I have plenty of experience in creating well-optimised, search-engine friendly content for clients who want to increase their online traffic and visibility.

Even though my primary creating focus is on websites using WordPress as CMS, I am always open to other areas of web development. Also, I love to create digital marketing campaigns on social media and via email, resulting in minimalist, professional and modern designs.

When I am not working, you can find me playing tennis or volleyball, travelling, learning new languages or making new friends around the world.