Software and Hardware


– Installing, uninstalling, activating, and updating Microsoft and Android operating systems.

– Installing, uninstalling, activating, and updating apps and programs such us: Microsoft Office, antivirus, Adobe, browsers, players, among others.

– Installing, uninstalling, and updating drivers of peripherals like printers, scanners, projectors, among others.

– Creating and managing email accounts on G Suite, Outlook or private hostings.


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Web Development

– Designing and managing minimalist and modern websites, according to clients’ requirements, using WordPress, SquareSpace, among others.

– Implementing user-friendly and responsive e-commerce and blog platforms.

– Writing efficient code using PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

– Applying advanced SEO practices to ensure strong organic traffic and visibility.

– Creating backup strategies and maintenance circles to avoid loss of data.


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Community Manager

– Providing engaging text, image and video content for all social media and professional accounts.

– Creating email campaigns to send information and newsletters to subscribers using MailChimp, among others.

– Monitoring, tracking, and reporting on feedback and online reviews

– Organizing and managing events to boost brand awareness.

– Building relationships with customers, industry professionals, and journalists.

– Staying up-to-date with digital technology trends.


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Metadata Management

– Establishing a model pattern to upload content on social media according to the advantages of the algorithm that every platform offers.

– Tracking website’s data using Google Analytics version 4.

– Advising steps to follow based on audience’s behaviour to reach a targeted goal.

– Creating a well optimised SEO strategy to ensure top results for searches of certain keywords.


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Websites built with CMS

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Community manager

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